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Australian researchers develop hydrogel to combat Parkinson's

A gel made of amino acids can be used to treat symptoms of Parkinson's disease - Australian National University researchers

Researchers from Hebrew University and Penn State College of Medicine teamed up to study the differe

Can studying the origins of Parkinson's help treat it? - study

New research from Hebrew University and Penn State analyzes the shapes a specific protein found in neurons takes as the disease develops.

COVID lockdowns worsened condition of Parkinson's patients

One patient stated that she experienced difficulty sleeping, nightmares, difficulty walking, fixation and motor stiffness and gained weight during the lockdowns.

Nancy Van Der Stracten, 75-year-old suffering from Parkinson's disease, poses during a boxing practi

Can constipation be the key to early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease?

The research team has discovered a potential way to diagnose the disease up to 20-years prior using what may seem an unusual method: investigating and understanding the process behind constipation.

Parkinson's disease may be detected early due to 'strange scent' - study

The Manchester Institute of Biotechnology has found that oils in the skin may be the key to early detection of Parkinson's disease, which may allow for a head start on treatment.

Sesame cookies

Parkinson's disease could be treated with natural food ingredients - study

“Currently there is no preventive medicine for Parkinson's disease," OCU Associate Prof. Akiko Kojima-Yuasa said in a statement. "We only have coping treatments."

Israeli army Technicians carry out a diagnostic test for coronavirus in a IDF lab in central Israel

Did COVID-19 cause a case of Parkinson’s disease in an Israeli patient?

The team said they found the whole scenario “intriguing.”

Actor Michael J. Fox speaks during a panel discussion on Parkinson's disease during lunch at the ann

Bar-Ilan named co-winners of Parkinson's disease research challenge

The Bar-Ilan team, named “HaProzdor”, consisted of Ayala Matzner, Yuval El-Hanany and Prof. Izhar Bar-Gad from the Neural Interfaces Lab.

Brain stimulation used on a patient with Parkinsons

Brain stimulation improves walking stagnation in Parkinson’s patients

This method of brain stimulation is being widely used in a variety of studies dealing with disorders of the nervous system, such as stroke, chronic pain and depression.

University of Haifa.

System devised at University of Haifa can read moods, lies, Parkinson’s

Using this system, researchers discovered that changes in handwriting can reveal when we are lying and can even disclose whether an individual is in the early stages of Parkinson's disease.

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