Peter Beinart

'Jewish Currents' editor about Seth Rogen, young Jews and Peter Beinart

We are not the direct descendants of 'Jewish Currents’ original lineage in most cases, and yet we are sort of reaching back into that lineage and asking, for example, why was it buried?

Peter Beinart
The end of Israel and Peter Beinart as the last man

With his latest screed – “I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State” – Peter Beinart joins Israel’s most committed enemies.

My Word: Beyond Beinart’s states of the mind

Beinart’s one-state proposal is not new. But it’s not popular among those who would have to live with the consequences.

Peter Beinhart's betrayal of Liberal Zionism and Israel

The progressive pope seeks to denude the Jewish state of its rightful place.

Peter Beinart
Peter Beinart supported two-state solution - now he doesn't

In an 6,700-word article published Tuesday Beinart made the case for a binational Jewish-Palestinian state in the area that currently comprises Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

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