Pew Research Center

Nearly half of US adults believe America should be a ‘Christian nation’

Most people who supported the idea of the United States being a “Christian nation” themselves identified as Christian and Republican.


Support for Russia, Putin sharply drops among European Right - Pew

The Russia-Ukraine War has caused support for Russia and Vladimir Putin to drop among Europe's right-wing populist parties, especially in Italy.


Pew study examines major partisan differences on US immigration

The survey found that US immigration views have remained largely the same since 2019, despite record high numbers of illegal border crossings this year.

Positive views of US Supreme Court sharply decline after Roe v. Wade overturn - PEW

The survey was conducted within the first two weeks of August and included over 7,600 American adults in the process. 

Climate change is biggest threat to earth, international poll finds

A median of 75% across all 19 nationalities that participated in the poll views the climate crisis as a major threat.

Abortion rights will be a top issue in midterm elections - study

An August Pew Research Center poll found that 56% of US voters now say access to abortion is "very important," an increase that has come virtually all from Democrats.

Partisanship influences how people view pandemic response - report

A Pew Research Center survey found that people's views of their government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic are heavily influenced by partisanship.

A Virginia voter is framed by a sign in support of Bernie Sanders (L) and a Donald Trump campaign si

Americans frustrated with two-party system as midterm election nears - Pew

American respondents detail their disapproval of the political party that opposes their own, as well as general disillusionment with the two-party system.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Fewer Israelis confident in Biden than Trump on global affairs - poll

In a separate poll, the Israel Democracy Institute found that most Israelis (54%) do not trust Biden to take Israel’s interests into account.

PROTESTERS HOLD signs during a ‘March For Our Lives’ demonstration demanding gun control in Sacramen

Vast majority of US approves of new gun laws but remain skeptical - Pew

Of the US adults polled, 78% think the new gun law will do little to nothing at all to reduce gun violence – and 63% want Congress to pass another round of legislation.

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