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Israelis say IDF good at combat, bad at administration -survey

While the performance of the army with regards to defending the state of Israel received high marks, internal affairs at the IDF were met with skepticism and greater disapproval.

80% of Israelis say 'difficult to impossible' to accept transgender child - poll

But two-thirds do not have a problem working with someone who is transgender, according to a new poll published as part of Transgender Awareness Week.

Large percentage of Palestinians support Hamas, oppose Abbas - poll

There was an 8% decrease in support for Hamas from a survey conducted 3 months ago and a 5% decrease in support for Abbas.

With only 40% support, Israelis still think 2 states best option - poll

Past IDI polls on this question have shown that Israeli support for two states has fluctuated widely over the past 28 years since the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords in Washington.

20% of Americans believe microchips are inside COVID-19 vaccines - study

False content has been published on social media regarding the microchip theory, with many conspiracy theorists saying that COVID-19 is just a coverup to track people using the vaccines.


Brazil's Bolsonaro disapproval rating rises to all-time high

The people of Brazil disapprove of President Jair Bolsonaro. Disapproval rates are at an all-time high.

This Hubble Space Telescope snapshot reveals an unusual "see-through" galaxy.

Is humanity alone? Majority of Americans believe aliens exist - poll

Most Americans don't think extraterrestrial life poses a major threat to the US, and a vast majority think UFOs are neither friendly or unfriendly.


30% of GOP voters believe Trump will 'likely' be president in 2022 - poll

A legal mechanism or constitutional provision that would, somehow, enable Trump to reenter the White House as president does not exist.

Most Americans back banning Israel to use US funds to annex land - poll

The poll was conducted through a web panel from May 12-25, a period roughly consistent with the most recent flareup of violence between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.


Half of Jewish Israelis think there were no winners of Gaza war - Poll

Some two-thirds of Jewish Israelis (68%) believe that Operation Guardian of the Walls ended too soon.

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