Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett tour Mount Avital in the Gola
Can Netanyahu lose to Bennett?

Bennett came within spitting distance of Netanyahu last week, when a Channel 12 poll showed that the difference between the two men stood at only three mandates.

Iran media reveals 70% may oppose compulsory hijab laws

Iran’s regime polices women’s bodies and has been seen beating and harassing women who do not dress “modestly” enough for the male-dominated theocratic patriarchy that runs the country.

People vote in Jerusalem on election day, March 2, 2020.
Right-wing bloc strengthens, Yamina second largest party - poll

Respondents were also given various scenarios if the leadership of different parties were to change.

Naftali Bennett
Yamina jumps to 21 seats, Likud leads with 31 seats - poll

32% of respondents replied that Netanyahu would be the best prime minister, while 27% said they didn't know and 18% said that Bennett would be the best option.

Israelis more pessimistic about democracy and the future - poll

The signing of the agreement between Israel and the UAE didn't impact the optimism of Israelis for the future of democratic governance of their country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett visit an army base on the Gol
Dramatic rise in support for Bennett, Likud support holds still - poll

The poll also assessed the quality of government ministers' performance during the coronavirus crisis.

Voters check in at Whittier Community Center during the primary election in Minneapolis, Minnesota,
Americans agree presidential election matters - but who should win?

While both Republicans and Democrats are broadly in agreement that the November election matters, there is deep division within the country over who should prevail.

John Lenges, who changed parties to vote Republican in 2016, and his sister Jeanne Coffin cheer at a
Republicans, Democrats traded one in ten voters over last two years - poll

Younger voters and those with less formal education are less likely to be consistent in their support for one party, the study found.

Israelis protest against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside Prime Minister Netanyahu'
Israelis more optimistic about national security than democracy - poll

Just over a third of Israelis are optimistic about the future of democratic governance, against 59% who are optimistic about national security.

Who will be Israel's next prime minister? 28% say Bennett

It is important to note that a plurality of respondents (33%) say that no party chairman or public figure mentioned in the survey has a strong chance.

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