Support for Russia, Putin sharply drops among European Right - Pew

The Russia-Ukraine War has caused support for Russia and Vladimir Putin to drop among Europe's right-wing populist parties, especially in Italy.


Israel among 'populist' nations which mishandled pandemic in 2020 - study

Those countries were less likely to implement “unpopular policies” to check the spread of the pandemic such as contact restrictions.

By Iain Rogers/Bloomberg News/TNS

What happened to Donald Trump? - opinion

MIDDLE ISRAEL: The former president's curse to Netanyahu is part of his personality flaws, but the frustration he voiced is now shared by all the era's populists, including Netanyahu.

Biden adopts a new form of populism against big tech - opinion

Anti-big tech will be the most important populist message in the Western world in the coming decade


Nadav Eyal: An Israeli liberal response to a global ideological debate

When it comes to the political populism that has spread around the world in recent years, which Eyal says should really be called nationalism, Israel is in a different situation.

India's law against 'love jihad' reflects dangers of populism - opinion

For Muslims, who make up at best 14% of India's population, to become the majority by “love jihad” will require Muslim men to marry at least 481 million Hindu girls.


Netanyahu's cooperation with far Right, Islamists unsurprising - opinion

This is a reactionary phenomenon related to globalization, progress and science, all inherent to pluralism and liberal ideals.

Knesset Coronavirus Committee Chairwoman Yifat Shasha-Biton

MK Shasha-Biton proves that populism pays via coronavirus - analysis

Seemingly out of nowhere, Shasha-Biton is shaping up as the electoral asset of the next elections.


Is reckless populism fading with Trump's defeat? - opinion

The unbridled arrogance, the self-pity, the shameless, hysterical exaggeration are all hallmarks of the new breed of “illiberal” populists.

Israelis protest against the government new restrictions following the spread of the Coronavirus in

Politics and populism — not coronavirus — are making Israelis sick

“Right now, everything is political,” Hadassah Medical Center head Zeev Rotstein said.

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