Russian immigration

Aliyah: Immigration to Israel from Russia up by 400% in 2022

According to Ofek Israeli’s numbers, 32,494 Russian citizens have made aliyah to Israel in 2022 according to Israel’s Law of Return.


Ben-Gurion University launches prep year program in Russian for new Olim

The program will allow Russian speakers to continue their studies immediately and prepare for potential matriculation to the University.

Religious parties to demand reforms to Law of Return as coalition bargaining chip

Their demand is to cancel the ‘grandson clause,’ which states that even a person who is the grandchild of a Jew can immigrate to Israel.


We can’t abandon the Jews of Russia -opinion

Unless we wake up and do everything in our power to assist Russian Jews out of the trap, tens of thousands may find themselves once again behind the Iron Curtain.

Russian Jews are trying to make their way over to Israel - editorial

The fear of a rise in antisemitism inside of Russia has many Russian Jews immigrating to Israel, trying to find a way out.

Where have Russians been fleeing to since mobilization began? - explainer

As numbers of those fleeing Russia increase, the numbers seem nearly impossible to track. Thanks to new flight data, the world can better understand where Russians are seeking refuge.


Is the Israeli gov't not taking Russian aliyah seriously? - activists

The Million Lobby, an organization representing young Russian-speaking immigrants in Israel, launched a campaign calling Prime Minister Yair Lapid to understand the failure at absorbing the olim.


Jewish Agency in Russia stops sharing information with Israeli office - exclusive

The Jewish Agency in Russia is keeping information close due to national information-sharing laws.


Conversion conundrum: The fight over symbolism, the neglect of the problem

Ever since some one million immigrants came to Israel from former Soviet countries, a battle has been waged over conversion.

RUTH IN Boaz’s field. Conversion dilemmas are now a national affair, not a personal one.

Conversion: The Next Phase

The largest immigration in Zionist history was pulled in by the Israeli establishment’s one part, and actively rejected by its other part, the Chief Rabbinate.

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