The real reasons coronavirus is spreading in my Hasidic community

Shutting down synagogues and schools inevitably brings up dark memories in a community that consists primarily of descendants of Holocaust and persecution survivors.

Shira Haas in the Israeli drama 'Princess.' (Credit: Yes)
Netflix returns to Jewish content with release of 'Unorthodox'

The show, about a young woman leaving hasidic orthodoxy for a new life in Germany, is the platform's first Yiddish language show.

Police tape.
NJ shooting witness: We heard shooting like we've never heard before

"A lot of shots were fired," he stressed. "And then we started seeing swat teams, and crazy armored vehicles and officers showing up and knew it was serious."

Chef David Biton (right) with Haim Spiegel, Dan Hotels’ food and beverage manager.
Grapevine: Enemies within the tribe

Israelis and Palestinians find it easier to be friends and to cooperate on joint ventures when not in the region

Satmar grand rabbi gives $5 million to institutions refusing state money

Zalman Teitelbaum hands out donations at ‘Pure Shekel’ ceremony in Jerusalem during 10-day visit to Israel

SATMAR GRAND RABBI Zalman Teitelbaum
Jerusalem honored by the Satmar Rebbe

A royal visit: The Satmar Rebbe makes a historical visit to Jerusalem

The Grand Rabbi, or Rebbe, of the Satmar Hassidic community Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum arriving at Ben
Satmar Grand Rabbi arrives in Israel for ten-day visit

Head of the radical, anti-Zionist hassidic community Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum will distribute tens of millions of dollars to anti-Zionist communities and institutions.

Youtube screenshot of Satmar yeshiva in Chabad shul in Seagate, NY
Satmar yeshiva attacking NY Chabad synagogue in fierce legal battle

The yeshiva even insisted that the judge order the arrest of Rabbi Chaim Brikman because he hosted a Shabbat Kiddush in the building.

New lawsuit claims B&H discriminates against non-Jewish employees

NY Supreme Court filing alleges only Jewish workers were given a 'baby bonus'

Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Satmar rebbe in Kiryas Joel
Anti-Israel Satmar group forges UK rabbis’ pro-Corbyn letter

London haredi umbrella group said "the letter is fake and bears no authority from any of the assigned names."

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