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State Attorney Shai Nitzan

Shai Nitzan to PM: Did I miss some dramatic development?

Ex-state attorney satirizes Netanyahu's claim ‘cases falling apart.’

Shai Nitzan defends both A-G and himself

Dismisses attack on him as a private call.


Previous AG Yehuda Weinstein: Mandelblit's decision was 'sound'

"It would've been better if this conversation had never happened, but the fact remains that it was a conversation between two friends," he said.


Mandelblit: 2015 private call unrelated to PM decisions

Then-attorney-general Yehuda Weinstein closed the case against Mandelblit in 2015, but did not specify whether it was based on a “lack of evidence.”

Making sense of law enforcement crises and PM’s trial - analysis

Maybe in another country, Netanyahu would not or should have been indicted. But in Israel that is not the current law of the land.

State Attorney Shai Nitzan

Former state prosecutor accuses Netanyahu of blood libel

Nitzan said it was unbelievable to accuse Mandelblit, Alsheikh and Lemberger of being leftists trying to bring down the Right, because they are religiously observant.


Netanyahu blasts police for fake terrorism story, 'conspiracy'

The head investigator in the Netanyahu-Mozes corruption case had an affair with Mozes' sister.

Members of Israel's criminal justice system who are under threat

Israel’s criminal justice system under threat of attack

The list of legal officials who need protective detail is growing.

Exclusive: Shai Nitzan, the anti-corruption crusader

Shai Nitzan tells the ‘Post’: Netanyahu should be tried, but I can live with any verdict

State Attorney Shai Nitzan

State Attorney Shai Nitzan talks to the 'Post' about a decade versus ICC

‘The world has gone crazy’ when Israel, Hamas are being compared.

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