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Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor, interception fails

SA-5 flies from Syria all the way to Negev in the longest-range attack yet by Syria; Patriot missile activated in response.

Sirens heard in Iran

Sources contacted who follow Tehran closely could not initially confirm more details about the sirens or flight diversion.

42 fallen soldiers since last Remembrance Day, ceremonies held online

Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus, the main ceremonies at the Western Wall plaza and Mount Herzl to be held without an audience.


Home Front Command’s targeted warning system cut down sirens by 50%

About 80 localities with 500,000 Israelis did not hear a single incoming rocket siren during the last round of violence between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Iron Dome anti-missile system fires interception missiles as rockets are launched from Gaza towards

IDF attacks Gaza again after rocket fire

Earlier, rocket sirens were heard in Gaza Border communities and the southern city of Sderot.

Rocket siren system in Israel

IDF to hold nation-wide drill with new, more specific siren system

The drills, taking place in the mornings of November 26-28, have alerts that display the names of municipalities and/or areas within municipalities, not just general areas.

Israelis run for shelter as a siren sounds during a rocket attack at the southern city of Sderot Jul

IDF to test new red alert siren activation method

Normally, the “tzeva adom” (red alert) sirens are activated by region.

A MAN PAINTS a mural on a structure located close to the Eurovision Village in Tel Aviv

My Word: Between the Eurovision and making Hamas face the music

Security cameras outside the home of the Handeli family in Rehovot last week revealed a state of confusion that could pass as a state of mind.

Shattered glass covers shoes left on the seat of a car that was damaged after a rocket hit a house

Center Field: The new Jews of silence

Of course, when I’m rude enough to ask, you’ll condemn the rocket fire – but where were you? Where are you, really?

Israelis stop on the highway as the Holocaust Remembrance Day siren is sounded

Too soon? Memorial Day siren sounds early, Tel Aviv stands at attention

The moment provided a bit of comic relief during the somber Memorial Day atmosphere.

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