How should you store cucumbers?

In honor of the beginning of cucumber season, here are some tips on how to store them properly.

By Walla!

Snacking in front of a TV at the end of the day? It could be bad for your heart - study

A new study details exactly how detrimental it can be to people's health to sit in front of a TV at th end of the day and snack.

By Walla!

What is 'food-tech 2.0' and how can Israel get there?

Expert Gil Horsky explains the trends, trials and triumphs of the Israeli food-tech industry.

These are the healthiest snacks you can eat

Snacks can help maintain stable energy levels and satiety throughout the day, and even help you lose weight. Here are some healthy options.

By Gil Avidor-Aloni/Walla!
Asian burger

PepsiCo, Beyond Meat partner to develop new plant-based snacks

PepsiCo Inc and Beyond Meat Inc said on Tuesday they would form a joint venture to develop and sell snacks and beverages made from plant-based protein.


Forget Beyond Burger: Here’s Bamba Burger

JROAST Purim Spoof: “I love that it has a vaguely peanuty taste and no actual substance,”


Dunkaroos have made a surprise return: How did they do it?

"We get literally thousands of consumer requests for the product, since it’s not been being sold in the US recently. We knew we wanted to bring it back for a while."

International Popcorn Day: Israelis consume 3.6 kg of popcorn per year

Popcorn's name is a shortened version of "popping corn," referring to its ability to explode at a high temperature.

Israel's food labeling reform: What do consumers say?

Reform requires red warning labels on all food and beverage products with high levels of sodium, sugar or saturated fat.


KIND Enters A New Snacking Category With Nut Butter Filled Snack Bars

Consistent with the company’s traditions, the new KIND® bars are made with wholesome ingredients and achieve a balance between health and taste.

By Leo Giosuè
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