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Talmudic scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz hospitalized, in critical condition

The 83-year-old scholar, most famous for his translation of the Talmud, is battling a severe lung infection unrelated to the coronavirus.


Perspectives on Rabbi Steinsaltz’s birthday

Rabbi Steinsaltz has been called the Rashi of our time. His incredible genius lies also in the power of being able to bring down to us average minds the highest and deepest thoughts of Torah.


Steinsaltz’s Book of Psalms

Rabbi Steinsaltz’s brief English introduction sets the tone for the entire book. In just four pages, he explains why the Psalms hold a universal appeal for mankind.

Avraham Fried sings for Rabbi Steinsaltz at the gala dinner in his honor on June 10

From father to son

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel hands the Steinsaltz spiritual baton to Rabbi Meni

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