Sweet Delights – Individual Pavlova’s

Sweeter isn’t always tastier, a new study finds

Yes, there is such a thing as food being unpleasant because it has too much sugar, according to analysis of 560,000 Amazon and iHerb customer reviews.


How do sugar substitutes affect the human body? You may be surprised

Weizmann Institute research: Sweetness may come at a price and change your glucose metabolism

Does candy cause tooth cavities?

Sugar and sweets are considered the root of all evil with respect to dental health, but in reality they have but a small, albeit significant role in the process that leads to dental caries.

By Dr. Ayelet Zauberman/Davidson Institute

Sweet news from India: Is this sugar actually healthy?

Get to know the exotic sugar that you won’t know about if you haven’t been to India.

By Walla!
11/05/2022's testing kit to develop new method of urinalysis

The health care company is developing a new method of urinalysis to make it smarter, faster and more accessible for those who need it

Israeli tech helps diabetics manage sugar levels, eat what they want

An Israeli company developed a system that uses artificial intelligence to predict people with diabetes' blood sugar response to foods, enabling them to manage their sugar levels more efficiently.


Honey vs. white sugar: All the differences you did not know

Which has fewer calories, which is sweeter and what percentage of sugar is in honey? What’s the best way to sweeten food? Here’s everything you want and need to know.

By Yad Mordechai

Six easy steps to help you consume less sugar

Most of us consume too much sugar. Reducing sugar intake will help with weight loss and make you feel healthier. 

By Walla!

Israeli researchers uncover dangers of artificial sweeteners- study

Ben-Gurion University researcher Ariel Kushmaro noted that there is little accurate labeling of artificial sweeteners on products, which makes it difficult to know how much each product contains. 

Taxes on sugary drinks, disposable utensils set for easy approvals

Proposed taxes on sugary drinks and disposable utensils are likely to be approved into law soon, following the Finance Ministry signaling that they will be removed from the Economic Arrangements Law.

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