New ambassadors present credentials to Herzog

The Ambassadors of Tanzania, the Republic of Armenia, Austria, Singapore and Kyrgyzstan presented their credentials to President Isaac Herzog.

Exercise can slow your aging process. Here's the proof

We must all move more and lie down less, because even small doses of activity can have a huge impact on the rate at which we age.

By Maor Moiger/Walla!

How have Israeli-Tanzanian ties changed in the last five years?

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: Departing Ambassador Job Daudi Masima reflects on the highs and lows of the reforged ties between the countries.

Footprints in the sand

Tanzania footprints offer clues on origin of human upright walking

Researchers said on Wednesday a thorough new examination of the fossil footprints has shown that they were made not by a bear, as once believed, but by a hominin.


Tanzania's COVID skeptic leader Magufuli dies of heart disease

Magufuli's death, the first of a Tanzanian leader while in office, opens the prospect that the country will gain its first female president.

TO THE summit: (front from left) Paratrek CEO Omer Zur and co-worker Rowee Benbenishty; cliimbers wi

Access Israel climbs Kilimanjaro

“Climbing a mountain is more about the mind. If you take it easy and relax, all goes easy,” said Sabino (“Sabi”) Kweka.

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