theodore herzl

DR. GEORG HERLITZ at the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem, 1947.
The Central Zionist Archives and the Theodore Herzl Archive: A journey

On February 1, 1933, the day after the Nazis seized power, Herlitz directed a request to the executive branch of the Zionist organization to move the archives to Palestine.

A comparison of Exodus from Egypt to 'Exodus from Europe'

Was the Exodus from Egypt only a dress rehearsal? Is it now?

PA official claims Herzl wanted Palestinians to 'be eaten in Africa'

In a recent sermon, a top PA religious official criticized Theodor Herzl as racist and Arthur Balfour as an antisemite.

Theodor Herzl: From vision to reality

Theodor Herzl is not only the visionary of The Jewish State; for the Jews he is a kind of modern biblical Moses.

The need for Israel 71 years later

Ask yourself and then your child: would you travel to Israel for free? Now ask: if necessary, would you travel to Israel to live?

Ari Shavit’s new book, My Promised Land puts our zionism on test
Know your Zionist history with new WZO Zionism Calendar

If you have ever wanted to know the answer to these key questions of Zionist history, then the new World Zionist Organization Zionist Calendar may be for you.

 Anti-Israel demonstrators at the World Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa, in 2001
Hate: Herzl’s unfulfilled vow

The Jewish state that was promised as antisemitism’s cure has become its excuse, focus and obsession.

La déclaration Balfour, toujours sur le banc des accusés

100 ans après, la célèbre lettre ouverte du ministre des Affaires étrangères britannique reste un sujet de controverse. Qu’en pensent les descendants de Lord Balfour ?

Powerful docudrama produced by CBN.
The Golden age of Jewish-Christian relations

Christian love demanded that they try and convert the Jews, but more often than not, Jews felt more wrath than grace.

Middle Israel: The Arab Herzl

Only Theodor Herzl’s "ism" has bucked the trend, remaining fresh, relevant, and a very big success 120 years after its launch.

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