Tiananmen Square

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Williams College, Massachusetts

China moves to suspend some history tests for U.S. college credit by 2020

"This is a bit sudden, we don't know the reason," a Nanjing-based center, SAT Test Web, said in a posting on social media site WeChat.

THE ICONIC PHOTO of a man standing in front of a convoy of tanks in the Avenue of Eternal Peace in B

Middle Israel: Who won at Tiananmen?

Known since then as “Tank Man,” the rebel, whose identity and fate remain unknown, became an icon of the Chinese students’ crushed revolt and an emblem of freedom’s power, universality and price.

FILE PHOTO - Military vehicles carrying DF-21D ballistic missiles roll to Tiananmen Square

30 years after Tiananmen, world embraces authoritarianism - analysis

The lesson of Tiananmen was thought to be the heroism of one man against a tank, but the real lesson was that the tanks ended up winning in Tiananmen and around the world.

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