Can vegetables help treat cancer? - study

Compounds found in some types of nightshade plants long used in traditional medicine could aid in the development of new cancer therapies.

Among the world’s healthiest vegetables, spinach comes out at the top-ranking list for nutrient rich

This is the amazing thing that spinach does to your brain

Leafy greens are healthy, can help you maintain a healthy weight and promote heart health. Don’t wait, go buy kale and spinach.

By Walla!

Did Jews invent pizza? A look at the history of pizza

The history of pizza is surprisingly rich, and may just have an origin that may surprise you: The Jews.


Israeli black tomato wins top award at AgroMashov 2021

The AgroMashov exhibition is also celebrating 30 years of its events in Israel as a means of promoting Israeli agriculture.

800 kilograms of tomatoes smuggled from Turkey found in Rehovot, Ashdod

By law, it is forbidden to import any plants to Israel, and doing so is considered a criminal offense.


Moshav memories – The farmer’s mate

You can’t imagine how beautiful is the end of the day in summer on a moshav. And who knew that cows had a sex life?

A vendor arranges tomatoes on his stand at the Mahne Yehuda market in Jerusalem (February 9, 2011).

Tomato salad for the holidays! Customs taxes lifted temporarily on imports

Tomato customs taxes are usually 91 agurot per kilogram during the time when this will be in effect. The removal of customs might allow for a wider selection and lower prices on tomatoes.


Israeli farmers claim they developed the world’s smallest tomatoes

Here are a couple of suggestions for what to do with the tiny treats

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