A lethal injection room at San Quentin Prison in California

US executes first transgender inmate

Nearly 20 years after Amber McLaughlin murdered her former girlfriend, the state of Missouri has put her to death. She is the first transgender woman to be executed in the US.

By Sam Halpern

Education Min. issues first-ever guidelines for assisting LGBTQ children in school

The guidelines aim to ensure the mental well-being and emotional resilience of students struggling with various aspects of their sexuality or gender identity.

The shocking truth about transgender people - opinion

My right to exist shouldn’t come from my existence as a transgender person being a tough one; instead, it should simply stem from the fact that I’m a human being.


Israel elections: Gender enters campaign limelights - analysis

Parents protested in front of the school and refused to send their children. They were joined by MK Michal Woldiger and MK Bezalel Smotrich, got involved.

Right-wing MK holds protest against transgender boy in religious school

Religious LGBTQ+ group says right-wing Israeli activists are protesting "against the well-being of a child, while messing with his genitals."


How a transgender child shook up one central Israel community

The subject of transgender children is one that has only recently reached the limelight in Israel. People don’t particularly know how to handle the subject. 

Rachel Levine issues call ‘to stand against bullying’ at Israel Embassy event

Rachel Levine is the openly transgender Jewish deputy secretary of health in the Biden administration.


Elon Musk's child seeks name change to sever ties with father

"I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form."


One-third of Israelis unwilling to work, study with transgender people - poll

Two-thirds of Israelis feel that Israeli society is not tolerant of the trans community.


Would you give up on orgasm? - opinion

Why are medical experts encouraging young children to embark on massively disruptive procedures that could prevent them from enjoying some of the greatest pleasures of living?

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