Technion scientists predict the efficacy of novel therapies in cancer

The researchers created a tool to predict which patients will respond to this therapy based on this therapy that shows the importance of metabolism in the tumor microenvironment.

Two cancer treatments, carefully selected, can be much better than one

An AI tool based on a new concept called “meta-synergy” helps find more powerful drug combinations.

The challenges and rewards of rehabilitation - opinion

Imagine yourselves at the age of 15, with a million plans for the future, but facing a shocking reality where those plans were crumbling around them.


Shocking discovery: Man tests positive on pregnancy test, leaves doctor astonished

A 42-year-old man's severe abdominal pain leads to a surprising positive pregnancy test, a shocking diagnosis, and many medical questions.

Israel, China team hopes to crack cure for advanced-stage solid tumors

Israel's Enlivex Therapeutics and China's BeiGene teamed up to study combining macrophage reprogramming and an anti-PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor.

Cancer illustrative

World Cancer Day on February 4 observed by 172 health orgs worldwide

Sweet drinks and junk foods – as well as tobacco and alcohol – are addictive and known causes of obesity and malignancies

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