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 Actress Mayim Bialik arrives at the 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California

March of the Living program to air, giving hope in face of antisemitism

The program will feature notable celebrities, and will also commemorate the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the end of World War II.

Jews held at gunpoint by Nazis during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

JMU of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising to be added to Israeli curriculum

Many are aware of the Jewish resistance led by Mordechai Anielewicz, in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but few are aware of an additional group of fighters: the Jewish Military Union


Does Halacha approve of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising?

Are military actions likely to result in death 'brave', or should the preservation of life take priority?


Janusz Korczak remembered 77 years after his murder in the Holocaust

Yad Vashem will hold a special symposium and commemorative ceremony on Tuesday

U.S. Military cadets visit Israel for educational tour

Young American military personnel can learn a lot from tourism their ally in the Middle East and discussing issues with their IDF counterparts.

The politics of memory

A debate over who did what in the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt is part of broader dilemmas of commemorating the Holocaust.

Sarenka, unsung hero of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Anielewicz is not, however, the only central figure in the monument. Above him, a bare-breasted woman is holding a baby high up in her arms toward the heavens – perhaps as an act of rebellion.


Heroes in our midst

A round-up of news from around Israel.

The life and legacy of Holocaust hero Simcha ‘Kazik’ Rotem

When Deborah asks Rotem if he thinks they’ll make it, he responds: “The only thing I can think of is how to blow the bastards up.”

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