white helmets

A Syrian rebel fires at forces loyal to Bashar Assad in Idlib, Syria

Wave of air strikes, shelling hits Syria's rebel-held bastion

Rebel-held parts of northern Hama province have been shelled intensively in recent weeks.

Members of the Civil Defence, also known as the 'White Helmets'

Canada: Israel's role in rescuing White Helmet volunteers 'indispensable'

Without Israel "there was no way to save their lives" says Canada's Deputy Head of Mission Anthony Hinton

An Israeli solider hands out water on a bus, during the Syria Civil Defence, also known as the White

Report: Hundreds of White Helmets and families stranded in southern Syria

This is likely because single men could travel more easily to get around regime checkpoints, than groups of families and hundreds of people.

Members of the Civil Defence, also known as the 'White Helmets'

France fails to acknowledge Israel's part in White Helmets' rescue

In the official statement of the French Foreign Ministry the word 'Israel' is not mentioned.

White Helmets of the Syrian Civil Defense in Kafrowaid, a village near Idlib in Syria

Inside Israel's secret and unprecedented rescue of Syria's White Helmets

Washington and Western powers scrambled to coordinate the U.N., Israel and Jordan as crisis worsened on Golan and Syrian regime closed in.

Analysis: David’s Sling and the Syrian regime’s new normal

Increasingly frequent incidents in the Golan may be part of the end of the Syrian conflict, but could also herald a new normal of threats from Iran.

Damascus condemns White Helmet evacuation as 'criminal operation'

The Syrian government has previously accused the White Helmets of being part of a Western-sponsored terrorist organization.

Israel Rescues White Helmets from Syria July 22

Israel's position On Syria unchanged following 'White Helmets' operation

While superficially sensational, analysts highlight Jerusalem's limited role in the mission which they claim did not mark a departure from longstanding policies

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