yom kippur war

Hamas planned for massacre during Passover, Iran forced delay - report

The report noted that the information was uncovered during the interrogation of Hamas terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacre.

'Eighteen Days in October': Strategy, diplomacy in the Yom Kippur War - review

Primarily a history of military tactics and strategy, Eighteen Days in October also addresses diplomacy, albeit briefly.


Israeli POW from Yom Kippur War says Hamas hostages have it worse

Menachem Barkai was captured by an army during the Yom Kippur War. The Hamas hostages in Gaza now, though, were taken by a terrorist group.


Yom Kippur War veteran revisits old collection 50 years later

73-year-old internationally acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai's exhibition of works fueled by wartime angst and post-trauma boosted by another local round of violence.


'The Stronghold': A story of IDF soldiers feeling abandoned at war - review

Besides the graphic violence that is an integral part of The Stronghold, this series could prove difficult for some viewers right now because of the emotions it might arouse.

Yom Kippur veterans beseech: ‘Treat this whole country for trauma’

Those who fought in Israel’s most devastating war and suffered severe trauma ask authorities not to wait before they treat soldiers and civilians alike for psychological damage.


Letter from Jerusalem, October 2023 - opinion

Write down your feelings, where you are every day and what is happening to you and your loved ones, dear readers. This time will be remembered forever, and we are living it.

Rows of tanks, closed shops: Israel's North prepares for war

“It feels exactly like the Yom Kippur War,” one man said to The Jerusalem Post. “There’s nothing to feel.”


Beit Loewenstein Rehabilitation Medical Center prepared to receive the wounded

The largest rehabilitation hospital in Israel is coordinating with the relevant state agencies to receive an influx of war patients

Month of war: October's significance to Jewish, Israeli history

In terms of Jewish and Israeli history, October anniversaries have special meaning up to the present day, from Ben-Gurion's birthday to the Nuremberg Trials to the Yom Kippur War.

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