yom kippur war

Former Mossad chief Zvi Zamir
Ex-Mossad head instructed deputy: Tell CIA official to 'Kiss my a**'

After learning that the CIA was threatening to not help Israel during the Yom Kippur War, then-Mossad chief Zamir reportedly instructed Halevy to call Walters and say 'kiss my a**.'

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on the night the 22nd Knesset voted to disperse
Has lack of public pressure led to political impasse? - analysis

Today is not 1974, and the political crisis that has paralyzed the country for the last year can in no way in the world be compared to the Yom Kippur War.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Memorial Service for the Victims of the Yom Kippur W
Netanyahu offers ‘gallant Kurds’ humanitarian aid

Netanyahu said that the IDF is prepared – offensively and defensively – to deal with any threat, and has “overwhelming power” to do so.

Golda Meir
Golda Meir’s Yom Kippur letter to bereaved families has been discovered

"The memory of our loved ones motivates us to do anything in our power so that there be no more casualties, and we know no more bereavement,” Golda Meir wrote.

General Ariel Sharon and chief of southern command, Aluf Shmuel Gonen, visiting an IDF outpost in th
The Yom Kippur War: Glimmers of humanity in a brutal battle

Reflections on life from both sides of the conflict.

Ground forces, Caterpillar D9 bulldozer and Merkava MkIII Baz tanks of Armoured Brigade 188
1,200 IDF soldiers race ahead of Yom Kippur, brigade's 50th anniversary

1,200 soldiers and officers took part in race commemorating 50th anniversary of the 188th armored brigade and it's role during the 1973 war

 IDF medical crew evacuating an injured soldier from the battle field during Yom Kippur War
'There is going to be a war tonight' - Israel opens Yom Kippur War archive

Moshe Dayan: ‘What am I most afraid of in my heart? That the State of Israel will eventually be left with insufficient weapons to defend itself’

Yom Kippur War veteran: Emotional consequences to trauma

After 46 years, Prof. Yuval Neria is helping war veterans like himself through innovative research in Israel and abroad.

Bullet mark on the Mumbai chapter of Chabad attacked by gunmen on November 17, 2009
India issues terror alert for Jewish and Israeli travelers on Yom Kippur

"Possible targets in India may include Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, synagogues, Jewish schools, restaurants and hotels frequented by Israeli nationals in New Delhi and other cities."

Yom Kippur War
Production begins on ‘Valley of Tears’

“Valley of Tears,” an ambitious eight-episode miniseries that depicts the 1973 Yom Kippur War through the eyes of three young combatants, reportedly will cost $1 million per episode.

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