Live blog: Second US presidential debate

The 'Post' brings you live coverage, commentary and analysis of the second US presidential debate.

White House 370 (photo credit: Joshua Roberts/Reuters)
White House 370
(photo credit: Joshua Roberts/Reuters)
Welcome to The Jerusalem Post and's live blog of the second US presidential debate between US President Barack Obama and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. The debate covered both foreign and domestic policy. The second debate came at the heels of a heated first presidential debate, where most pundits agreed that Republican nominee Romney emerged as debate winner. The debate also came after the vice presidential debate, where Vice President Joe Biden was said to have defeated Republican challenger Paul Ryan.
Various sources contributed to the live blog: Globes reporters provided fact-checking and analysis; the Post's DC correspondent, Hilary Krieger, provided Israel- and Jewish-issues focused commentary; and Niv Elis, writer of the popular Post column #USelections2012, provided real time insights and observations throughout the heated debate.