The view from Keshet Cave

A naturally-formed land bridge atop a mountain bluff looks over the Western Galilee and Lebanon.

keshet cave 88 298 (photo credit: )
keshet cave 88 298
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One of the most breathtaking views in northern Israel lies at the peak of a rugged, little-known mountain top in the Upper Galilee at the foot of an immense work of nature. The Keshet Cave, located a short drive from the northern coastal town of Nahariya, is not your typical cave. In fact, as its Hebrew name keshet, which can be translated as arch or bow, implies, the cave is actually a spectacularly-shaped land bridge hovering over a deep chasm dozens of meters below. The cave that exists at the site was formed thousands of years ago as water dissolved the limestone, leaving an outer shell, with only the arch of the original cave still in place. The existing shell that lies in place atop the mountain bluff offers a magnificent view of the Western Galilee and Lebanon in the distance. The site, which has become easily accessible via a recently-built JNF park, is now a popular spot for rappelling and has recently become a must-see for young visitors around the world, with many Jewish teen and college tours now stopping at this off-the-beaten track location. A delightful nature trail beyond the cave includes a memorial to an Israeli army officer who was killed in action in Lebanon in 1988. The scenic site, which like some of Israel's finest is free of charge, is now easily accessible by car, although robust young hikers can climb the mount to get to the top as well.