Time Out: Sea-view spas

Two new centers in Herzliya offer patrons the opportunity to start the New Year on the right foot.

Sarana Spa indoor pool (photo credit: Courtesy)
Sarana Spa indoor pool
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Two new places, located not far from each other on the beaches of Herzliya, offer different approaches to the idea of health spa, and both have that something special to make a visit there worthwhile.
The Sharon Hotel used to be the favored hotel for many local and international celebrities in the 1980s. Its prime location – on a cliff overlooking the pristine beaches of Herzliya, offering a sea view from every window – and the spacious public areas made it the place to be. The hotel has been undergoing major renovations, such as upgrading the rooms, replacing all the furnishings – and adding a brand-new spa.
Most hotel spas are located in the basement, featuring small artificially lit treatment rooms and crowded gyms. But the new spa at the Sharon is different. From the moment you walk in, the feeling is that of freshness and relaxation, thanks to the clean blue-and-white color scheme, the large windows that look out onto the lawn and the sea, and a delightful aromatherapy-based scent that pervades the atmosphere.
“All the spa staff are very experienced and highly trained,” says spa manager Eitan Sade as he greets us at the entrance of the spa. His vision for the spa, he tells us, is to give the guests the best facilities they may have encountered elsewhere in the world, combined with the location, the panoramic sea view and the Mediterranean design and ambience. Utilizing the location to its best advantage, the spa offers beachfront yoga classes at sunset, as well as aerobics, Pilates and an array of workshops.
The name Sarana comes from the old Arabic name of the Sharon, which means “forest.” According to some research, there was a forest in the area until the 19th century.
The spa is very well equipped, with an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor saltwater pool. The indoor pool is heated to 30º and has some cutting-edge engineering, but it is the beautiful design of it that makes swimming there such a pleasure.
The adjoining gym is fitted with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and has large picture windows facing the lawn and the sea, a very welcome change from most gyms that offer only TV screens to look at. The treatment rooms are painted white and have blue lighting. There is a double room for couples, which is a lovely touch. And there is a sauna and a Turkish steam room.
The spa and its grounds are available for events such as parties and weddings.
A membership to the spa costs NIS 4,200 for the year, including all classes and sports facilities.
Sharon Hotel, 4 Ramat Yam Street, Herzliya Pituah, (09) 952-5777. For more information about the Sarana Spa: (09) 954-0420, www.saranaspa.co.il

Named after the Greek island, the Delos Spa is located on the promenade, amid the seafront restaurants in the Herzliya marina.
Walking into the spa, you pass a large wooden deck with white umbrellas and sofas for guests, who are served a meal there as part of their spa experience.
The Delos Spa, a branch of the well established spa in Netanya, was opened recently. The owners want to give their guests a holistic experience of well-being.
To that end, once you enter the spa, you are escorted to the locker room and given a locker so you can immediately change into a luxurious terry-cloth robe and slippers and surrender to a few hours of utter bliss.
The pampering includes sauna (dry and wet), softly lit treatment rooms, a relaxation room, a tea area, an outer deck and an alluring menu of treatment packages.
The treatment rooms vary. Some are designed for wet treatments, while others are for shiatsu and massages. There is also a double room for couples, with a Jacuzzi and two beds.
We experienced a cleansing-rejuvenation treatment that included scrubbing and wrapping, peeling and massaging.
When the long session was over, all I needed was a lovely cup of green tea in the lounge. There is a selection of fruit and cakes, as well as tea, coffee, soft drinks and sparkling wine. Couples or friends who come for the day are also served a gourmet lunch or dinner.
There are many options and packages at the Delos. Most of them include wine and food, scrub and wrap treatment, followed by a Swedish massage or a hot-stone massage, relaxation periods and more. The spa also offers a gift to those who purchase a series of five treatments.
The Delos is a wonderful place for newlyweds or couples celebrating an anniversary or birthdays and other occasions. It is also suitable for small groups.
The special 75-minute holiday scrub treatment is being offered at the reduced price of NIS 480.
Delos Spa & Restaurant, 1 Yordei Hasira Street, Herzliya Marina Village, 073- 796-8474, www.delos.co.il.

The writer was a guest of the spas.