Weekend walk: Ein Akev and Ein Zik

Early Spring is a perfect time of year for this Negev hike; enjoy lush vegetation before cooling off at a desert spring.

Ein Akev 311 (photo credit: YONI COHEN)
Ein Akev 311
(photo credit: YONI COHEN)
To reach the beginning of the hike, travel south on Route 40. Turn left at Tlalim Junction, then right at Halukim Junction. Follow signs to Sde Boker Kibbutz and after three kms turn left and follow signs to Ben Gurion's grave. Park in the parking lot where there is a visitors center with hiking experts and maps.

This hike is only suitable for those in good physical condition as there a number of steep inclines. The trail, which is marked blue, takes about 6 -7 hours and returns to the starting point in the parking lot. Beautiful vegetation leads the way for about four kms until the Akev spring where it is permitted, and fully recommended, to take a dip and cool off in the clear water. RELATED:Weekend walk: Devorah Waterfall and Gilabon Stream
The trail continues for about six and half kms until "Maale Zin" which is a very steep uphill climb. Although it can become tiring near the end, it is well worth it for the stunning desert views. The trail then leads back to the parking lot.Take plenty of water, sun lotion and something to cover the head to ensure an enjoyable hike.