Weekend Walk: Mount Tabor

With breathtaking panoramic views and sites steeped with history, a hike up this bowl-shaped mountain is well worth it.

Mount Tavor 465   6 (photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Mount Tavor 465 6
(photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Mount Tabor can be reached by travelling on Route 65 towards Afula untill the large, bowl-shaped mound can be seen.

There are two main trails to follow, with one being part of the Israel Trail. Once at Kfar Tabor, walk south for 10 minutes along the main road until the blue, orange and white markings of the Israel Trail appear. RELATED:Weekend Walk: Ein Hod artists' villageWeekend Walk: Ramat Hanadiv National Park
Follow the trail as it ascends up the mountain, leaving roughly two hours for this section. Once at the top, enjoy the Church of the Transfiguration which stands on the plateau of the mountain. Picking up the black marked path around the summit will lead to some great views of the surrounding area. Then re-join the Israel Trail along the road and then over the farmlands owned by the settled Beduin community of Shibli. Continue on the trail back down the mountain which leads to Mash'had, located just off Route 754.