City Bites: Coffee with Herzl

A weekly column devoted to recommendations for restaurants in the capital; this week: Cafe Cafe Mamilla serves up its fare with a bit of history on the side

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The Jerusalem Post is proud to announce City Bites, a weekly column devoted to recommendations for restaurants in the capital. Provided courtesy of, the new column will consist of brief, to-the-point reviews of Jerusalem eateries, so that you can make an informed decision about where to break for lunch or spend your evening out on the town. The reviews will cover the full range of restaurants, from super-high-end gourmet establishments to corner sabich joints, bringing you the news about some lesser known and off-the-beaten-track spots to get a good bite.
Nestled in the beautiful Elrov Mamilla Mall, Café Café Mamilla is a dairy restaurant serving up a choice fish, pasta and salad dishes. One of the standout items on the menu is the Asian rice sauteed with vegetables, ginger and your choice of either salmon or tofu. Small-scale events can take advantage of a room on a separate floor that accommodates up to 50 guests in winter and 80 in summer. Cafe Cafe is a mere five minutes’ walk to the Old City and the City Center, and is a great place to break for a bite while traipsing through the Mamilla Mall.
The restaurant is located in an old building known as Stern House, which was the place where Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl stayed during his visit to Jerusalem in 1898 to meet German Emperor Wilhelm. The house also contains the Herzl Museum, which relates the story of his visit. Be sure to stop by at the Museum for an interesting perspective on Herzl’s only trip to the Holy Land. Captions to photographs and displays are presented in both Hebrew and English, and entry to the Museum is free.
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