Top 5 Jerusalem date hotspots

No matter your thoughts on Valentine’s Day, it’s a good excuse to take someone special for good food in a memorable setting.

Al Dente restaurant (photo credit: Courtesy)
Al Dente restaurant
(photo credit: Courtesy)
1. Ichikidana
Ichikidana is a small, warm, and friendly restaurant in Mahane Yehuda market that makes a fun, affordable and cosy place for a date. The restaurant serves authentic vegetarian Indian food, cooked daily from local produce without any canned, processed or frozen ingredients. Menu options include a choice of platters that are big enough for two to share with a selection of curries, rice, and chutneys. Haphazardly decorated in all things bright and Indian, Ichikidana is certainly unique.
4 Ha’eshkol Street, Mahane Yehuda
Kosher Rabbinate (Dairy)
2. Beit HaMa’ayan
Ein Kerem is the place Jerusalemites head to when they need to get away without actually going away. Just a ten minute drive from the city center, Beit HaMa’ayan in picturesque Ein Kerem offers an excellent kosher dairy fish menu, tasteful décor, an art gallery and magical views from the rooftop of the wadi below. Beit HaMa’ayan is the perfect place to enjoy an intimate chat and linger over a delicious meal.
15 HaMa’ayan Street
(02) 644-8840
Kosher Rabbinate (Dairy)
3. Japanika
Sushi is undoubtedly great date food – delicious, easy to share, light and fun. Japanika on Shlomzion Hamalka Street in downtown Jerusalem does it right and has all the key ingredients for a good date with its low lighting, trendy décor and extensive Asian menu.
1 Shlomzion Hamalka Street
(02) 624-7530
Kosher Rabbinate
4. Al Dente
This small, charming and quiet Italian restaurant just off Bezalel Street provides the perfect backdrop to get to know someone. You may enjoy the ambiance of the inside with its wooden furniture and great artwork or grab a table on the relaxed porch. The food is lovingly prepared by talented Israeli chef, Shuki Shukrun.
50 Ushiskin Street
(02) 625-1479
Kosher Rabbinate
5. Harp of David
Harp of David Restaurant ( of David Restaurant (
Harp of David Restaurant just outside Mount Zion Gate exudes charm and style with its grand premises, creative and fresh biblically-inspired menu and magnificent views of Zion Gate, the Old City walls, the Mount of Olives and the Judean desert. Although Harp of David is big and accustomed to catering for big groups and events, it also makes a lovely and intimate spot for a date, though phone in advance to check if there is space and to reserve a small table in a separate room or in the corner. It is also worth checking if there is a dairy or meat menu on offer that day. Don’t forget to end your meal with a stroll through the restaurant’s beautiful art gallery, which is filled with striking, colourful paintings with a story.
Mount Zion, close to King David's Tomb and Dormition Abbey
(02) 673-3574
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