Gaddafi forces bomb Misrata

Government propelled rockets damage parts of rebel held Misrata, hospital set up near front line to assist rebels.

Misrata bombing 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
Misrata bombing 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Gaddafi forces fired four rockets into the center part of rebel held Misrata Tuesday.
No injuries were reported, but the attack did dampen the sense of security among residents who believed the rebels had full control of the city.
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This is the first time the city center received artillery fire in several weeks as fighting has been largely contained in Mistrat's far western and eastern borders.
There, the rebels' rag-tag army is sustaining heavier casualties by the day.
To help treat the wounded, a team of international doctors has set up a field hospital only three kilometers from the front lines.
The volunteers, from Europe, the US and other Middle Eastern countries say their facilities treat everyone, rebel fighters or not.
Dr. Dimitrios Mognie, medical coordinator of a Libyan emergency response team said, "We hope to give the best to the Libyan people. We are coming here, we are here to help the Libyan people, the injured from all parts, not from the rebels, from all part. This hospital is for injured civilians, for any person need help, surgical help."
Rebels have made slow progress since NATO countries joined their fight to overthrow Gaddafi in March.