Syria warns countries against supporting opposition council

Foreign minister says Syria will retaliate against any country that formally recognizes the opposition National Council.

Assad speaking 311 (photo credit: Screenshot)
Assad speaking 311
(photo credit: Screenshot)

Syrian President Bashar Assad hosted representatives from Latin America, as he warned against recognition of the oppositional council.

Syria has threatened to retaliate against any country that formally recognizes a recently established opposition National Council seeking international support for the six-month-old uprising against Assad.

At a meeting with Latin American representatives Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem issued the warning.

"I do not care about what they want," he said. "What I care about is our position. We will take tough measures against any state which recognizes this illegitimate council."

The formation of the council has been welcomed by Western countries including the United States and France.

Overnight in Germany 24 people entered the Syrian embassy in Berlin. The German police said they removed the flag outside the building and painted graffiti saying Free Syria.

On Saturday, amateur video out of Syria that could not be independently verified by Reuters, showed Syrian citizens under fire on the sidelines of a massive funeral for a Kurdish leader in Syria.