Video opinion: Future of peace with Egypt is imperilled

As Israel moves into the uncharted territory of managing its relations with the post-Mubarak Egypt, it is imperative that our leaders understand the lessons of the past.

caroline glick zoa award (photo credit: Pasquale Cuomo)
caroline glick zoa award
(photo credit: Pasquale Cuomo)
Speaking at the Begin center in Jerusalem, Jerusalem post columinst, Caroline Glick said that Due to recent events, The future of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt is imperilled.
Glick explained that while Cairo assured it will honor its "international obligations". they did so only because of "intensive intervention of the US." Glick added that the egyptians " refused to put out a statement stating that they have continued obligation to the state of Israel. They refused to mention the word Israel in their declaration."
"We've never had peaceable relations with Egypt," Glick concluded, "We've had a long term cease fire".
The Annual Elitzur Lecture Series this year is dedicated to the book launch of "Peace in the Making" published by Gefen and the Begin Center.