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Vanunu to court: Strike down state restrictions preventing me from leaving country
The High Court of Justice heard a petition submitted by Mordechai Vanunu, the former technician at the Dimona nuclear plant who was imprisoned for 18 years for divulging state secrets, according to Israel Radio.

Vanunu is seeking to invalidate state restrictions that have been placed on him since his release from prison 10 years ago. Authorities have denied Vanunu permission to leave Israel while also forcing him to receive defense clearance before meeting anyone that is not an Israeli national.

The state has argued before the court that Vanunu’s restrictions are necessary since he was still liable to harm national security. High Court judges have requested that state attorneys provide them with evidence to support their arguments.

Vanunu, for his part, says that he “has no more secrets” to tell. Instead, he wishes to leave the country and live abroad with his companion, according to Israel Radio.
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