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PM: China trade key component of economic growth
Increased trade with China is one of the key elements of ensuring continued economic growth, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday.

Netanyahu's comments came during a meeting of a special ministerial committee to advance economic ties with China that was set up after his May visit to Shanghai and Beijing

The other key components of ensuring economic growth, he said, were continued investment in infrastructure, fostering advanced technology, and integrating the haredi and Arab sectors into the work force.

"The goal of this ministerial committee is to coordinate overall government activity in order to enhance cooperation between China and Israel," Netanyahu said. The meeting comes some two weeks after China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi paid a visit to Israel, the highest ranking Chinese official to visit since 2009.

Netanyahu said there has been an increase of Chinese investors in Israel, and that Israel's goal was to consistently increase trade with China. Last year trade reached some $8 billion.
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