Aaron Reich

Aaron Reich

Aaron Reich is a copy-editor and contributing writer for The Jerusalem Post, where he has worked since early 2019. He has a degree in Communications and Political Science from Bar Ilan University and is currently working on receiving a Master's Degree in History.

In the past, Aaron has worked as a research assistant at Bar Ilan University in the interdisciplinary department of social sciences, at Tel Aviv University in the Middle Eastern and African history department, and currently contributes as a researcher to the YouTube series Armchair Historian.

TV star Mayim Bialik.

Mayim Bialik stars in new comedy series

Excavations of ancient copper mines as part of Tel Aviv University’s Central Timna Valley Project. C

Israeli researchers identify biblical kingdom of Edom


Holocaust survivors lobby Congress to sue European insurance firms

A doctor prepares eggs and sperm for an attempt at artificial insemination

Semen explosion at bull artificial insemination plant, 'projectiles' fly


Jewish Latina princess to debut on Disney TV show

A mezuzah

California gov. passes 'mezuzah bill'


AJC marks one year since Pittsburgh shooting with #ShowUpForShabbat

Warning sign near secret Area 51 base in Nevada.

Dutch YouTubers arrested trying to enter Area 51


Anime and manga take Jerusalem


'Joker' wins Golden Lion

Adam Nahoum, dressed as a Stormtrooper, in Jerusalem

The Dark Side has come to Israel for Star Wars fans

View of water gate at Gath Aren Maeir

New archeological findings at Goliath's birthplace recontextualize history


'Make Israel Palestine Again' hat trends on Etsy

Lithuanian Jews

Mega philanthropist Eugen Gluck dies at 92


Wrestling Party is in full swing

gene simmons

Israeli-born rock icon Gene Simmons turns 70


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