Freedom comes with a price for everyone while some sacrifice their lives others pay with money. Syria is a deserving population of people which will most likely be spread around the world like Jews had to rebuild before obtaining Israel as their homeland. Syria may never serve as a homeland for those displaced by dictatorships.

Palestinians have been offered peace for many years’ decades even. The leaders that discuss the two state solution may never give into the idea of peace. I have heard it discussed or offered as long as I can remember then some eager politician comes forward with it again as if it is an original first offer.

Peace will come with more bloodshed though it will be because of the spread of terror which has been named Islamic extremism. I can’t understand that terrorists have never been shut out of mosques. Terrorists must be known when you consider the new marketing of sharia law online as well as street marches in democratic countries where sharia law is not wanted.

The USA may not honor the nuclear agreement that Iran negotiated for cash and investments as well. Iran obtained lucrative discounts on airplanes plus those are the things this blogger has only seen with his research of the web. Obama may have felt he didn’t have a choice pushing Israel’s concerns to the side.

Trump and Pence may really end this war on terror after the USA has chased terror around the world. The growing menace that ISIS presents is like I seen in the Trump speech on terror is it is most likely much worse. I posted that video on my blog a short while ago. I left the results of the election to the very end fearing what I would cause by saying too much online before events.

Russia will most likely retaliate against terror which it also chased all over Afghanistan some time ago. The USA and Russia have a common enemy in terror which will not give in because as they say they love death more than we love life. I love life though I know I don’t like to give an inch either.

Obama didn’t feel he had a choice dishonoring Muslims by referring to Islamic terror by any other names. They may have weapons of mass destruction or he most likely would have done something about them. George W Bush only went so far in the world of terror even though he wasn’t a weak leader.

Iran most likely supplied WMD around the world including Iraq insurgents obtaining some IED materials. Blowing up service personnel is still a cause which hasn’t been spoken enough about though it is in Trump’s terror speech.

Trump can make a decision though his ethics are talked about sometimes. Ethics are not necessary in the war on terror which is referred to as being vicious if necessary. Continuing to use the drone bombs isn’t just a good weapon but symbolic that why waste American life on useless terrorists. I can’t wait to see if Trump will include Russia strategically or they will run separate wars on terror.

Someday it will end as he said like fascism Nazism and communism. The USA is the country to first use the atomic bomb which should not be forgotten. It just depends on who sits in the oval office and what they consider a crime.

Israel will have peace from terror by way of default which means the USA will take it on as they do sometimes fighting until victory. Never negotiate with terrorists is the saying or slogan which was forgotten for some time. I don’t believe Obama really erred by not really going into every fight. They leave it hard to make a decision hiding if they have WMD.

I leave you with this speech from Winston Churchill their finest hour.

Here is an excerpt from his speech which I wish I could memorize.


I spoke the other day of the colossal military disaster which occurred when the French High Command failed to withdraw the northern Armies from Belgium at the moment when they knew that the French front was decisively broken at Sedan and on the Meuse. This delay entailed the loss of fifteen or sixteen French divisions and threw out of action for the critical period the whole of the British Expeditionary Force. Our Army and 120,000 French troops were indeed rescued by the British Navy from Dunkirk but only with the loss of their cannon, vehicles and modern equipment. This loss inevitably took some weeks to repair, and in the first two of those weeks the battle in France has been lost. When we consider the heroic resistance made by the French Army against heavy odds in this battle, the enormous losses inflicted upon the enemy and the evident exhaustion of the enemy, it may well be the thought that these 25 divisions of the best-trained and best-equipped troops might have turned the scale. However, General Weygand had to fight without them. Only three British divisions or their equivalent were able to stand in the line with their French comrades. They have suffered severely, but they have fought well. We sent every man we could to France as fast as we could re-equip and transport their formations. 

I am not reciting these facts for the purpose of recrimination. That I judge to be utterly futile and even harmful. We cannot afford it. I recite them in order to explain why it was we did not have, as we could have had, between twelve and fourteen British divisions fighting in the line in this great battle instead of only three. Now I put all this aside. I put it on the shelf, from which the historians, when they have time, will select their documents to tell their stories. We have to think of the future and not of the past. This also applies in a small way to our own affairs at home. There are many who would hold an inquest in the House of Commons on the conduct of the Governments-and of Parliaments, for they are in it, too-during the years which led up to this catastrophe. They seek to indict those who were responsible for the guidance of our affairs. This also would be a foolish and pernicious process. There are too many in it. Let each man search his conscience and search his speeches. I frequently search mine.

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