Nothing brings me to uneasiness more than when our sitting president informs us not to. Its no surprise the Iranians claim Obama is misleading the American people about what was agreed upon, while the Iranians remain adamant that nothing has been finalized.
        On one side we have a president undergoing a relentless campaign trying to convince the American people that this was an agreement we could all be proud of. On the other side, we have the Iranians claiming the Americans capitulated on every single one of their demands, quite the irony.
        In Kerry's desperation to get a deal done, he essentially ended up negotiating with himself, fruitlessly, with bated breath pleading with the Iranians for compromise. Beseeched by the Iranians, Kerry acquiesced, and capitulated to their unreasonable, untenable demand. Only when they got everything they wanted, realizing America, was taking a step back from the Middle East, they tentatively agreed on some sort of framework in Iran's vision. To know ones amazement, the president is touting a historic deal to his adoring media-undeterred by legitimate on concerns over what was agreed upon. The American people deserve better than the litany of deceptions surrounding the deal. if it were such a great deal, than where's the problem in disclosing what was agreed upon. There can only be one reason this administration is holding back what the deal consists of, and that is because they know the American people would be strongly against any sort of agreement that ends up with Iranian nukes.
    The president has failed to make his case to the American people, and instead out of spite for congress ,took the Iranian resolution to the U.N, circumventing the American people in the process, our congress. A sitting president, a constitutional lawyer none the less, is looking to an international court to pass his Iranian resolution, nefarious to say the least. Has he forgotten one very important fact, congress makes laws, the president  just enforces them. In addition, to his fruitless attempts trying to persuade us to trust him, he is now trying to bound the American people to international law, without the approval of the people, congress.
          How can we believe a president that has consistently lied to us. Who can forget in December 2011, while welcoming home troops from Iraq obama proclaimed we were leaving Iraq more "stable, self reliant, and prosperous than it has ever been."Or the infamous "you can keep your plan if you like your plan, you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor."Now he regurgitates to whoever will listen that Iran will never obtain nukes under his watch, but who believes him? 
    Well the New York Times for sure, the same paper that publishes at least ten articles on Israel a week, seven being highly critical, while aggrandizing Obama in any which they can.Lest not forget the blatant distaste this administration has shown through various actions against Israel, None worse than the condemnation Israel receives daily, for merely protecting itself. None more ubiquitous than the administrations infamous leaks by top officials to cowardly to speak without anonymity. 
    Lastly, nothing  can be more bewildering than lifting sanctions on Iran while they continue to support terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and how can we forget the civil war Iran is stirring up in Yemen. There can be no logical explanation for lifting any sanctions as long as Iran continues to supports our enemies. It is inconceivable  that our president has sought to have closer ties with our enemies at the cost of our long time allies. 

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