Not since holocaust has there been such genocidal poison as that perpetrated on Christians in Muslim  Middle East and Africa.  Not since holocaust has there been such a cynical and hypocritical blindness to an innocent people’s suffering from an enemy bent on annihilation.  The daily torture, slaughter, intimidation, enslavery, and theft perpetrated against these peaceful people exposes the underbelly of evil and countenance of evil in a world still far from humane. 

  Time to welcome a number of these refugees home to Judea and Samaria.  No one else helps.  Israel can facilitate a movement of, say, 200,000 Christian refugees into Samaria and Judea.  There are many in need.  Copts, Yazidi, Pakistani Christians, and those of Northern Nigeria immediately come to mind.  Let Israel welcome those whose plight is ignored by many of their own colleagues.

   We are very much aware of the ethnic cleansing perpetrated by jihadi on their subject populations and non-conforming co-religious citizens for centuries.  Bethlehem is no longer a Christian city and Jews have long been expelled from the land of the Babylonian Talmud, a keystone of law and philosophy that contributed so much to modern civil society. Honest Muslims cannot make a living or exercise civil rights.  The resulting chaos has degenerated millions of a wide spectrum of religions.  While there is really no “winner” in this outrage, the criminal leaders of this action do consider themselves victors and to them go the spoils.

   Welcoming vetted victimized Christians into Judea and Samaria would be a small step to re-introducing diversity to a small part of the Mideast, adding to that already witnessed in Israel.  Maybe this would help world-wide Christians find a way to help their suffering brothers and sisters.

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