3 youth indicted for pushing disabled IDF veteran into sea

November 15, 2010 17:36

Three men aged 19 and 20 were indicted at the Ashkelon Magistrate's Court on Monday on charges of pushing a 50-year-old disabled IDF veteran off of a wall on Ashkelon's promenade into the sea, and filming the vicious assault on a cell phone.

"The three fled the scene in a vehicle as they laughed at their victim, who could not grab hold of a nearby wall to prevent himself from drowning due to his disability," police said on Monday. The fisherman, who had lost a hand during his combat service, began drowning, but was saved by other fisherman who heard his cries for help.

"Thanks to good luck and the actions of a passer-by, the victim did not drown," police added.

An investigation by Ashkelon police found that the suspects arrived in a vehicle, when one man got out, snuck up behind the victim, and pushed him into the water, while his friends filmed the cruel act on their cellphone cameras.

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