At least 7 killed in bombings near Pakistani air base, restaurant

Pakistan bombings near a

October 23, 2009 09:49

A bomber struck the Aeronautical Complex at Karma, a major air force maintenance and research hub, in northwest Pakistan, on Friday. A lone suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself up at a checkpoint on a road leading to the complex, around 50 km from the capital, Islamabad. Seven people were killed in the latest in a surge of militant attacks this month. In a separate incident, police said a bomb blast ripped through the parking lot of a restaurant in northwestern city of Peshawar. Some foreign military experts have mentioned the Kamra aeronautical complex as a possible place to keep planes that can carry nuclear warheads, but the army, which does not reveal where its nuclear-related facilities are, strongly denies that the facility is tied to the program in any way. The strikes have killed more than 170 people and showed the gathering strength of an insurgency coinciding with the run-up and first week of a major army offensive against the Taliban and al-Qaida in one of their major strongholds in the northwest close to the Afghan border.

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