EMG spokesman: Gas still pumping to Israel from Egypt

February 5, 2011 10:37

Gas is still flowing to Israel despite the recent explosion in the Egypt-Israel pipeline, Israel Radio quotes an EMG spokesperson as saying, Saturday. The company employee related that even though the pipeline was hit, gas would continue to flow for at least a few hours, and that gas was still flowing through an adjacent pipeline to Jordan.

Also, natural gas continued to enter Israel through the offshore pipeline "Tethy's Sea" at the port of Ashkelon.

The reassurance that natural gas will continue to flow inter Israel comes after a large explosion occurred Saturday morning at a leading gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan near el-Arish. An Islamist website has claimed that Bedouin in Sinai carried out the act, exploiting the sensitive security situation which has befallen Egypt after protests raged in most major cities for over a week.

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