Palestinian cleric warns: Jews to 'infiltrate' Temple Mount

May 19, 2012 13:25

A leading Palestinian Muslim cleric has called on Palestinians to "be alert for possible infiltration of fanatic Jews" onto Jeruslaem's Temple Mount on Sunday, Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA) reported on Saturday.

Sheikh Yousef Ideis, head of the Palestinian Territory's Muslim Sharia court, called on Palestinians to flood the Temple Mount on Sunday, which is a highly revered location for both Jews and Muslims, in order to be present should Jewish "fanatics decide to break into it," according to WAFA.

According to the Palestinian report, Jews in Jerusalem are planning a mass march to the Temple Mount in order to celebrate Jerusalem Day, which is the annual national holiday that marks the IDF's liberation of east Jerusalem and the unification of the city under Israeli rule.

Israeli police have called on Palestinian merchants whose shops lie in the path of the planned demonstration to remain closed in order to prevent possibly tense encounters with marchers.

Jews taking part in Jerusalem Day celebrations have vandalized Palestinian property and attacked individuals in previous years, according to the report.

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