Police: Netivot official 'attempted to lure rabbi with woma

October 24, 2010 17:44

A woman equipped with recording equipment was paid to attempt to lure Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan of Netivot, also known as the "x-ray,"  into carrying out immodest acts, as part of an attempt to damage his reputation by Netivot Municipal Comptroller Shimon Alon, police said on Sunday following the completion of a National Fraud Unit investigation.

According to reports, an audio recording exists of Alon offering the woman 150,000 shekels to "hug" Ifergan. Alon allegedly wished to photograph the hug and embarrass Ifergan."Various elements came together to damage the reputation of Rabbi Ifergan and Rabbi Binyamin Chen," police said in a statement. "There is evidence to suggest that Alon attempted set a trap, violating privacy laws, and conspiring to commit a crime," the statement added.

The case material has been handed over to southern state prosecutors who will decide on an indictment.

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