Short 8 year prison sentence for running over security guard follows surprise plea bargain

June 12, 2014 16:36

A Kafr Kasim man who ran over security guard Lior Parhi was sentenced to a mere eight years in prison by the Lod District Court on Thursday after unexpected evidenciary difficulties led the state to striking a surprise plea-bargain in December. 

The Central District Attorney’s Office struck the surprising plea-deal dropping the murder charges against Arka’an Badir, for running over Sha’arei Tikva security guard Parhi, in favor of a manslaughter charge when evidence about how fast the car Badir was driving and how far Parhi went flying went struck came into question.
Badir lives in Kafr Kasim and ran over Parhi then fled the scene, and committed other crimes in September 2012.
Initially the prosecution had believed it could obtain a murder conviction based on the “felony-murder rule,” which directs a murder conviction for any killing that comes about indirectly through the commission of another felony, even if the murder was not premeditated.

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