UK Ambassador: No rush to military action on Syria

May 31, 2012 14:45
1 minute read.

Options better than a military attack remain for solving the crisis in Syria, UK Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould said in a Thursday interview with Israel Radio.

"Nobody is enthusiastic about the military option," said Gould, specifying that pushing for Syrian cooperation with the Annan plan was preferable. "There's no rush to military action."While saying that Britain is "disgusted" with Syria's violence, particularly its recent massacre in Houla, he added that "it won't be helpful to start speculating" on military options.

"We're very clear this cannot continue," he said of the ongoing killings, but "our very strong preference is to act within the parameters of the UN Security council."

Gould said that more stringent steps are difficult to implement because of opposition within the Security Council. Russia and China have previously hampered attempts to pass strongly-worded resolutions.

"The problem is we do have to work through the UN security council," Gould said, but added that the unsavory images coming out of Syria and increasing support from the Arab League would make it more difficult for countries to block steps at the Council.

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