Venezuela's Chavez says working less, getting better

May 19, 2012 04:46

CARACAS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ended a week-long silence on Friday to say he was resting, following a diet and trying to tame his workaholic ways as he recovers from cancer treatment.

The usually garrulous and attention-seeking Chavez's disappearances from public view have become longer and more frequent this year. That has fueled speculation his condition has worsened and may complicate a re-election bid in October.

Allies in the ruling Socialist Party say the 57-year-old leader remains on top of government affairs and is not mulling a succession. Chavez said he was working less than before his illness, but still about eight hours a day.

"Unfortunately, I can't carry on being the wild horse I was. I will rest and get well again," he said during the roughly 90-minute phone call, speaking in a firm voice an d twice breaking into song.

"I didn't used to sleep, now I'm working as the law dictates - just eight hours a day, resting, following a diet," the former soldier said. "I've spent this week shut away here working ... I'll steadily be getting better."

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