Ya'alon: 'The reality around us is not static, and in the future we may be forced to strike again'

July 6, 2015 18:52

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon spoke Monday at a memorial ceremony for the soldiers killed in Operation Protective Edge, one year after the operation to stop rocket fire and tunnel warfare from Gaza was launched lat summer.

Addressing the crowd at the ceremony at Jerusalem's Mount Herzl military cemetery, Ya'alon said that Hamas had "suffered the most severe blow since its founding" during Operation Protective Edge."Hundreds of [Hamas] fighters were killed and its infrastructure was destroyed," the defense minister said. "IDF soldiers hit them from the air, the sea and land in a manner which made its leaders understand that we would not take attacks on the security of our citizens."

Ya'alon warned however that "we must remember that the reality around us is not static, it is complicate and multifaceted, and in the future we may be forced to strike the terror organizations in Gaza once again."

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