‘Hatikva’ moments

Isn’t it all just bizarre? A “Hatikva moment” deluxe.

May 25, 2017 12:20
Maccabiah games

Sylvan Adams is an avid amateur cyclist whose medal haul includes five golds at Maccabiah games. (photo credit: SYLVAN ADAMS)

There’s something surrealistic about living in Israel. Not all the time: not when hamsins (heat waves) hit, drivers hoot and every queue for cashiers becomes a contest of who got to the check-out first. Still, somehow the surrealism survives.

Take, for example, the Friday morning before Holocaust Remembrance Day. On that pleasant spring day I found myself in the gracious home of the Austrian ambassador, chatting with a number of diplomatic wives about whether Shakespeare was an antisemite. The Merchant of Venice video wasn’t working, so the German ambassador’s wife sent for her tech guy, who fixed it.


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