THIS WEEK IN JERUSALEM: Nice to meet you

Peggy Cidor’s round-up of city affairs.

April 27, 2018 10:28
3 minute read.
AN AERIAL view of Jerusalem.

AN AERIAL view of Jerusalem.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Nice to meet you

This is not the first attempt (there were already two during the 2013 election) but this time it’s officially happening: a haredi woman is running for the next city coun - cil – and her name is Pnina Pfeuffer. What was till recently just a dream, mostly due to heavy pressure from rabbis and from the haredi sector in general, seems to be only bad memories now. Pfeuffer, a mother of two, is not the first haredi woman who decided to step into the political arena, but she is the first such woman who can do it and not have to resign at the last moment, as hap - pened with other women in past years. The growing influence of activists among haredi women, including the already well-known group of women striving to be elected inside haredi parties at the Knesset, as well as a general trend to have more interaction between diverse communities, are motivating these changes. Pfeuffer is not running on a haredi list – that will perhaps come later – but her public participation in the dem - ocratic rules of the game says a lot about these changes, which are happening mostly within Jerusalem’s ultra-Ortho - dox sector. This revolution has also been made possible thanks to Fleur Hassan-Na - houm, head of the Yerushalmim list, which is publicly striving to include representatives of as many of the city’s residents as possible.


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