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Why is the rabbinate making words non-kosher?

Since when is the Rabbinate in the business of certifying words as kosher or not? Since when does the Rabbinate employ mashgiachei milim (word supervisors)?

Crave can’t save their bacon as rabbinate declares word non-kosher

Popular Jerusalem eatery offers kosher cured, smoked ‘lamb bacon’ in its rabbinate licensed restaurant but Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Shlomo Amar orders restaurant to change the term

Jafza signs MoU with STAR-K kosher to educate UAE food industry on kashrut

Over 550 companies from more than 70 countries make up the food and agriculture segment at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, in a dedicated area of 1.57 million square meters.

Vertical farm produces kosher certified no-insect produce

The ultra-Orthodox Machzikei Hadas kashrut authority in Antwerp has approved herbs grown in a vertical farm in Holland as ready for use without washing or checking for insects.

Israel’s kashrut supervision policy needs to change - opinion

While several years have passed since earlier reports, recent revelations make it clear that nothing has really changed.


Supermarket chain sued after chef’s Jewish status called into doubt

The Jewish status of a chef born in Ukraine and working in the ready food department of the Yochananof supermarket chain was challenged by the store’s kashrut supervisor due to his origin.

On induction cookers, non-Jews and God

The kashrut monopoly in Israel has been somewhat eroded, but is still alive and kicking.

Kalo café and the kashrut certificate controversy

According to kashrut rules, a non-Jewish cook cannot light the burners (or the stove).

Hummus and Falafel, Israel's favorite chickpea-based dishes

‘Kashrut shaming’ leads to backlash by celebrated falafel bar

The COVID-19 lockdown created severe difficulties for restaurants across the country which faced a catastrophic fall off in revenue during the height of the government's social-distancing.

Hungary makes lockdown exception for Israeli kosher slaughterhouse workers

The initiative allows one of the only kosher slaughterhouses in Europe operating during the pandemic to remain open.

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