Belgian lawmakers scrap bill to ban kosher, halal slaughter in Brussels

A ban in Brussels would have had Belgium join a handful European Union states where halal and kosher slaughter of animals are totally illegal.


Man sues Burger King for serving him non-kosher burger

A customer who purchased a vegan cheeseburger at Burger King was shocked to discover that he had actually eaten a real cheeseburger.

Grapevine: Protecting pedestrians

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Tzohar: Kashrut is about giving Jews chance to observe sacred laws - opinion

Ensuring proper kashrut is a complex effort requiring deep insight into halacha and utmost respect for our traditions.


Tzohar needs to be more honest about its wine kashrut certification - opinion

Tzohar has been more lenient in its wine kashrut certification than usually accepted but hasn't stated so on the bottles.


There is a kashrut revolution going on for medical cannabis

In Israel, there are more than 100,000 patients with valid medical cannabis licenses, that consume a massive amount of cannabis every year.

Are Israel's kashrut, conversion reforms moving forward?

While the State of Israel in 2022 may not yet be fully redeemed, these words do provide a certain sense of optimism and renewal. 

The halachic laws of immersing utensils for Passover - watch video

The world's largest kashrut organization, the OU, has developed a series of guidance videos for the upcoming Passover holiday.


Kahana attacked by senior Orthodox American rabbis

“We wrote the letter not as an attack but as a policy disagreement and a concern about the law as written," said OU vice president Rabbi Moshe Hauer.


Religious services minister visits Colleyville, other Jewish communities to garner support

I sincerely hope and want that every Jew, wherever they may be in Israel or around the world will strongly identify with their nation-state," said Religious Affairs minister Matan Kahana.

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