Las Vegas invaded by massive swarm of grasshoppers

Nevada's entomologist assured people that the grasshoppers would continue their migration and leave Las Vegas area within the next two or three weeks.

July 28, 2019 13:09
2 minute read.
Juvenile Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers

Juvenile Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers. (photo credit: FLICKR)

A massive swarm of grasshoppers has been plaguing Las Vegas, Nevada, with footage that makes it look like a scene from the Book of Exodus.

A migration of mild-mannered grasshoppers has put residents and tourists of the "gambling and entertainment capital" into a panic as massive swarms of the insects plagued the city's streets – and are expected to keep doing so for the next two weeks, before they migrate onward.

The Las Vegas National Weather Service shared footage on Twitter of a radar that is tasked with marking biological targets, showing a large mass of thermal activity within the city, clearly marking the swarms of grasshoppers.

Jeff Knight, Nevada's Department of Agriculture state entomologist, told media reporters that the swarm of insects is unusual, but certainly not unprecedented, explaining that the winter rains are the reason behind the insects' migration to that area. He also assured peoplr that the grasshoppers pose no danger to humans, and there is a very low chance that they will damage any property.

Knight also assured that the grasshoppers would leave the Las Vegas area and continue their migration within the next two or three weeks.

The footage and reports made many Las Vegas residents recall the Book of Exodus, specifically the plagues of Egypt. Travis Herzog, Chief Meteorologist at ABC13, asked: "Did anyone happen to spot Moses shouting something to Pharaoh in front of that pyramid on the Las Vegas Strip?"

Other Las Vegas residents looked for any possible solution, remembering grasshoppers as the villains in Walt Disney and Pixar's "A Bug's Life," when they shared pictures of the movie's heroes as the only possible comic solution to the grasshopper invasion.

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